Dr. John McGonigle is a Family Medicine doctor who uses both conventional and holistic strategies for treating illness and enhancing well-being.

The basis of health is five-fold: Finding and nourishing the sense of meaning and purpose in life; the cultivation of healthy, loving relationships; good sleep and an accessible dream life; physical activity and joy; a dynamic and balanced diet.

Accordingly, Dr. McGonigle explores with patients the ways in which these five fundamentals are being met, or may be enhanced. In addition, specific therapies including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, archetypal dream analysis, and counselling are employed. When pharmaceutical preparations, conventional diagnostic tests, or collaboration with a medical specialist are indicated his position as a licensed physician enables him to guide and advise his patients in a holistic or integrative way. He has a special passion for the amazing healing properties of Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. McGonigle has been studying and using homeopathic remedies for over ten years and considers it the most dynamic - as well as poised - approach to that place where body, mind and spirit join in the space/time known as life.

Dr. John McGonigle